V-luxe gives your iPad a retro wood viewing stand

v luxe gives your ipad a retro wood viewing stand vluxe013

Is your iPad a little too high-tech and modern for you? We’re guessing your answer is no, but a quirky design project begs to differ. BKNY Design of New York has come up with a retro-fied wooden viewing stand for your iPad or iPad 2. Not only does the stand make it easier to watch movies, TV shows, or Youtube videos on your iPad, but the V-luxe ($780) turns your iPad into what looks like a really old television set from the 1950s. It’s a large chunk of cash for a piece of nostalgia, but we have to admit that this would look pretty awesome on an end table in your living room. The design company suggests making the most of the V-luxe by using it with iPad apps like Pandora and Clockstagram.

The V-luxe iPad unit is compatible with both the original version and the iPad 2 and has a small speaker cabinet to hold low-profile speakers. The V-luxe is handcrafted and comes in one of three finishes: walnut, cherry, or African mahogany. The stand swivels and tilts to give you the perfect viewing angle, and even has a wooden button that works with the iPad’s home button. And fear not for your iPad’s safety; the stand safely cradles your iPad in the wooden case lined with soft felt.