Viral video: Holographic Steve Jobs raps about iPhone 5

Holographic Steve Jobs with R2D2

The iPhone 5 is still hot on everybody’s mind, but it seems like a lot of people (journalists, at least) aren’t sold on Apple’s new phone. If you’re among them, you may want to watch this video. MondoMedia has resurrected everyone’s favorite Apple CEO, the late Steve Jobs, to sell us on the iPhone 5 in manner similar to hologram Tupac — brought back to life to save Apple. Though I don’t remember Steve Jobs being a prolific rapper, as a hologram, he can certainly lay out some rhymes. His iPhone 5 song is pretty catchy… maybe Tim Cook really should start wearing the Jobs trademark turtleneck. Oh, what does it matter. People will still buy iPhones anyway according to hologram Jobs.

As a note, this video doesn’t have anything too offensive in it, but there are some light swearing. And if holographic, animated Steve Jobs makes you want an iPhone 5, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide. Pre-orders are starting Friday.