Was The Apple iMac Design Stolen?

In June 2001, Jeunejean published three sketches of his dream computer on The Apple Collection, sketches that look strikingly similar to the recently launched iMac 2. Jeunejean’s design has the same dome-shaped base and a LCD display supported by a thin arm. When even the placement of the Apple logo and the back-panel ports is similar to that on the iMac 2, things start looking rather suspicious.

The Apple Collection’s webmaster confirms that employees at Apple drop by the site all the time, and as neither of the over 200 other designs found at the site remotely resemble the new iMac, Jeunejean’s predictions could easily be true.

To further spice up the story, is the fact that the webdesigner claims he sent his prototype in an e-mail to Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. “I would like to get some feedback from Apple,” he said. “I would like to get their point of view.”

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