Watch the Fifth Avenue Apple Store get its new glass

watch the fifth avenue apple store get its new glass 5thLast month we showed you some early renderings of what the Fifth Avenue Apple Store — one of the most photographed landmarks in New York City — will look like after its current redesign is completed. Up until now, we’ve only been told how the store is simplifying its look by reducing the number of glass panes that make up its entrance from 90 to an amazing 15 panes.

Now we have a look at the glass that will be used for those panes, courtesy of The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

One of the site’s readers, Justin Parmer, happened to be on hand when the massive glass panes arrived at the store, and snapped some photos. He also recorded some video showing the glass being unloaded and readied for installation.

With the redesign aiming to make the already unique, glass-paneled look of the store even more so, it’s no surprise that Apple fans are paying close attention to the construction efforts. The Fifth Avenue store is one of the flagships of Apple’s physical retail locations, and offers city residents 24-hour access to the Cupertino giant’s line of products.

Of course, while the photos and video are great, we can’t help but be a bit disappointed that the unloading process didn’t involve transporting the sheet of glass across a street just as a high-speed car chase turns the corner. Now that’s is entertainment.