What to Expect at Apple’s Press Conference This Wednesday


What do we expect from Apple’s press conferences? Let’s see, we’re going to go with Steve Jobs riding high on the back of an Asian elephant with a basket full of Apple tablets and he’s flinging them out into the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater as the attending press jump and shriek in joyous glee.

No? Sounds a little off to you? Well let’s get some expert opinions about it then. We’ve been rather enjoying the build-up of suspense leading up to Wednesday’s press conference. There have been so many rumors floating around we thought we’d ask so of today’s leading tech experts what they expect will happen at Apple’s press conference this Wednesday in San Francisco.

What to expect from the event…

Our expert sources say there are two words that can sum up the announcement on Wednesday: “Apple tablet.” That’s it. These industry experts predict there will be no announcement of future iPhones or iPhone updates—this press conference on Wednesday has one purpose and that is to introduce the Apple tablet to the world. Sascha Segan, Managing Editor for PCMag Mobile, predicts this conference will make the tablet’s role in technology a lot clearer.

“Every mobile device manufacturer right now is coming out with some sort of tablet, and we’re still not sure what we are supposed to use these things for,” says Segan “Apple is good at communicating why we want something, and if any company can make sense of tablet PCs it’ll be Apple.”

Mukul Krishna, Global Director of Digital Media at Frost & Sullivan, has similar expectations of January 27th’s Apple event. Krishna also thinks the conference will be based around the Apple tablet announcement and that if Apple has other news in the works—like iPhone news—the company will stretch it out over a couple of months. “They don’t want to distract from the unveiling of the tablet,” claims Krishna. “Apple wants to keep consumers focused.”  In fact, Segan mentioned that most people in the mobile community—aka “phone people”—weren’t even invited to Apple’s event. Segan says most of the invites went out to the gadget-loving and laptop-lusting techies, once again making the iPhone update announcement moot.

What to expect from the tablet…

appletabletThere are some differing views between these analysts. Segan says the tablet will be a 10-inch, flat touchscreen device designed to be used mostly in the home to watch media, read virtual magazines, play games and “do some other cool trick that Steve [Jobs] will explain to us.” Segan thinks the tablet will be around $800, while Krishna says there will be more than one tablet device and they will have tiered pricing like Apple’s iPod collection.  Krishna predicts Apple will announce more than one tablet device—with varying sizes and configurations—because the company “often tries to please as many people as it can.” Krishna notes that he wouldn’t be surprised if there was a “supped-up” model that retailed for over $1000.

Both sources predict the tablet will be the ultimate multifunctional device that reaches all corners of today’s trendiest tech markets—with eReader capabilities, ultra-portability, and an excellent battery life.

What to expect from Steve…

Steve Jobs will not enter the press conference atop an Asian elephant—unfortunately. So what can we expect from good ‘ole Steve at this Apple press venture? Segan thinks the invitation says it all.  Segan predicts Jobs will debut some sort of creative component to the tablet as a main feature this press conference. The colorful and creative paint-splattered press invite is Apple hinting at something crucial, some new program for the tablet that allows people to creative and artistic. “Apple’s been trying to turn people into artists for years with its creative programs like Garage Band,” says Segan. “With the press invite, you have to suspect the tablet is going to have some creative component like something you can draw on and paint with in some way.”