What’s new with the 2011 iPod Nano and iPod Touch

All the hype from Apple’s live press event today definitely surrounded the prospect of an iPhone 5 (which turned out to only be an iPhone 4S), but Tim Cook and his colleagues discussed several other new developments in the Apple world before moving on to the important stuff. While it may have gotten lost in the iPhone 4S shuffle, there was important news about the lives of the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch. Both are new, improved, and we’ve got all the details on two of the best mobile media players on the market.

iPod Touch

ipod nano hd video camerasThe most immediately noticeable change to the iPod Touch lineup is that a white version is being added to the Apple family. New versions of the iPod Touch, in either black or white, will be available October 12, complete with Apple’s new iOS 5. Other than the new white color option, any significant changes to the iPod Touch will be made thanks to upgrades in iOS5. The two upgrades that will impact the iPod Touch the most are iMessage and iCloud.

Users of the new iPod Touch will be able to use iMessage over Wi-Fi to send SMS-like messages to any other iOS 5 users using an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. This essentially means that iPod Touch users will (as long as they have Wi-Fi) be able to send unlimited text messages, photos, and videos to other iOS 5 users, without resorting to e-mail. The introduction of iCloud will also change how users make use of the device. The new service will allow users to have access to all of their downloaded music, books, and documents as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi. This will keep things easy and cohesive for Touch users, but other than these few upgrades, the device remains mostly the same as it’s been the past couple years. The price has dropped slightly to $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB.

iPod Nano

The handy little iPod Nano is getting a few upgrades as well. Instead of an array of four smaller home screen icons, users can now have bigger icons to swipe between, making the device easier to navigate. The folks at Apple are also trying to improve the experience of using the Nano while you run or workout. Now you can track a run or walk right out of the box, with no fancy shoe dongle for your Nike sneakers.


Apparently Apple has also realized that the iPod Nano has become popular as a watch in combination with several clever wrist strap designs. To keep up with the smart use of the Nano, the device will now come preloaded with 16 different clock faces. The Nano also gets a price drop, coming down to $129 for 8GB and $149 for 16GB. We’ve also heard that owners of the 2010 version of the Nano will get a software upgrade that includes all the new features.

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