Who’s Afraid of the Apple Tablet?

apple-evilThe news surrounding Apple’s new tablet device has been nothing but speculation and rumors—and where those possible falsehoods stand, few truths prevail. There is one trend in topics that most industry analysts and today’s top technology talkers are reporting, though: TV networks have been saying ‘nay’ to Apple.  Content providers are scared. Apparently, hours before  Steve Jobs reveals the new iSlate device, Apple still does not have the content it wanted for its new tablet product.

The fault undoubtedly falls into the lap of Steve Jobs and his iTunes payment system. As most industry experts—or just keen observers—will tell you, Apple truly likes to be in control of whatever “partnership” they enter into. Scared to commit to that sort of “abusive” relationship, many media companies have said a pleasant “No thank you.” Last week we reported that Apple is trying to revive “old media” like TV and claim more weathered channels such as NBC, ABC, and CBS for its tablet—well, it looks like this week it’s those older media outlets that are rejecting Apple’s revival, because they’re been around long enough to see the beating music labels have taken at the company’s hands.

As the New York Times reported today, Apple sold lots of music but completely destroyed the concept of the album and damaged recording labels’ already deteriorating bottom lines. Senior Editor of Playboy’s Technology and Lifestyle sections, Scott Alexander, says that even though television magnates might be scared of the big bad Jobs, however, more desperate magazine publishers are throwing themselves at his feet.

“Everyone should be a little wary of Apple,” says Alexander. “Steve Jobs is a shark and an incredible businessman—what he did with the music industry is genius, but in a way that should make people a little uncomfortable.”

Alexander says he thinks most magazine publishers are seeing the Apple tablet as a “life raft,” but he fears that Apple will be extremely selective with its content providers, even if the company is getting rejected by the ones it really wanted. But all of that may change—a couple industry insiders predict this new device may sway judgment due to its popularity alone. “Apple has sex appeal with its products,” says John Sutter, Technology Reporter for CNN.com. “They release products that are mysterious and unnecessary, but all of a sudden a new device comes out and everyone thinks they need it.”

The influence that Apple has over the market—whether it’s over tablets, eReaders, or even the music industry—is palpable. We’ll see tomorrow how this whole thing plays out, and, perhaps more importantly, what media content providers are now resting securely under Apple’s wing.

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