Will Apple introduce 3D with the next iPod touch?

Apple 3DJapanese blog Kanteidan Blog says that Apple could launch its first 3D device with its next-gen iPod Touch. BoyGeniusReport spotted the report, which claims that the iPod Touch will include glasses-free 3D and that gaming will be a major focus for the device.

As more and more electronics manufacturers get on board with the trend, it stands to reason Apple is working on producing 3D technology as well. We reported last month that in 2006, Apple was awarded a patent for a glasses-free 3D display system. Developers had created a way for its system to locate and trace users’ eyes, and then use the eyes’ position to render images on a textured screen that would merge to create a 3D visual. The company has clearly been looking into 3D for some time now, and as the market becomes saturated with more and more products with the technology, now could be the time to introduce such a device.

If Apple does introduce a 3D-capable iPod Touch in the near future, it could spell out early competition for the Nintendo 3DS, especially if its gaming features are a major selling point.