Will.i.am unveils foto.sosho iPhone camera attachment to make a ‘genius phone’

will i am unveil foto sosho iphone camera attachment to make a genius phone add onJust in case you’ve been grumbling endlessly about the lack of pixels on your recently acquired iPhone 5; just in case you’ve been hankering for a BlackBerry-esque physical keyboard on your new Apple handset; and just in case you’d like to add a bit of extra bulk and weight to your overly-svelte device, then will.i.am has exactly what you’re looking for.

At a special event in London on Wednesday, the musician and entrepreneur unveiled an accessory that he claims will “turbocharge your iPhone camera”.

will i am unveil foto sosho iphone camera attachment to make a genius phone accessory

“You dock your phone into our device and it turns your smartphone into a genius phone. We take over the camera,” he told the Telegraph recently.

Called foto.sosho (a reworking of “photo social”), the add-on clips onto your iPhone, boosting its megapixel count from 8 million to 14 million with the aid of its own sensor. The included lenses – standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom – allow iPhoneographers even more creativity, while a flash, presumably a beefier alternative to the iPhone’s built-in one, should mean better lit photos. Will.i.am’s creation also features a slide-out keyboard for those who’d like a physical alternative to the screen-based offering.

An accompanying app allows you to perform edits, add filters and also engage in what will.i.am calls a “social photo experience” through sharing images on the i.am website. If you’re thinking this is starting to sound all a bit Instagrammy, you’d be right.

will i am unveil foto sosho iphone camera attachment to make a genius phone keyboard

Four models were announced – two for the iPhone 4/4S (C4 and V4), and two for the iPhone 5 (C5 and V5). The modern looking C4 version will go on sale on December 6 for £199 ($318), while the gold-trim V4 model will go for £299 ($478). It appears, however, that the pixel-boosting capability will be limited to the iPhone 5 version, set to launch in 2013, price unknown.

One other thing, if you are interested in getting your hands on one of these, you’ll need to head over to London, or contact a friend living there, as the accessory is only available at Selfridges department store. We assume that with limited availability like this, the social-photo-experience element of the venture over at i.am may take a while to get going….

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