Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale – Is Your Bathroom a Wireless Hotspot?

1-Connected-Bodyscale-FrontThis is definitely the scale designed for the modern bathroom.  The name says it all – The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale has built in Wi-Fi connectivity.  This sleek, stylish scale can differentiate between up to 8 users, and send your daily data over your home wireless network to the internet where you can view and track your data.  You’re not just limited to logging on with your trusty desktop computer either, Withings has developed a free corresponding iPhone / iTouch app to keep you in-sync with your weight goals at all times.

WEB-5-Connected Bodyscale_iPhone_HFunctional and elegant design is at the core of Withings’ philosophy.  The scale looks very simple, a “slab” of tempered glass with a layer of metal over it – creating a sleek and easy to clean surface.

The scale can support up to eight different user profiles, and will record 3 data points on every weighing session.  Not only does it record weight, but it also tracks your BMI (body mass index), and fat mass.  Once recorded, the scale will send your data-set over your wireless network, posting it to your personal profile.  Withings has also included a feature which allows you to Tweet your stats on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

At $159, this scale is not cheap – but if it can keep you on task with your weight loss regimen, it is probably a whole lot more economical than a personal trainer.  When you look at how much we spend on Protein Powder, gym memberships, personal trainers, and supplements, an extra $160 to track your progress is not all that much.  Additionally, for the holiday season, Withings is waiving the $9 shipping charge.



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