Aurasma augmented reality hands-on video – Watch a Harry Potter poster turn into a movie trailer

Augmented reality is one of the more interesting technologies being explored by tablets and smartphones. Back in April, we wrote a piece detailing 5 awesome ways augmented reality could improve your life. Aurasma seems to be trying all five. In this demo, we see how the Aurasma iPad app (an Android version is coming) can be used to modify real-world objects. Previously, most objects that were enabled with augmented reality had to have a really familiar pattern to them or be very flat, but Aurisma allows you to record a video and then attach that video to any object in the world. Then, whenever you hold up your iPad to that object, your video will play. 

There is another angle though. Aurasma is also trying to work with movie companies, magazines, and How-To guides to bring augmented reality into the real world in more ways. Imagine holding your phone or tablet up to a movie poster and watching the trailer automatically play before your eyes. Or maybe you bought a new Router and don’t know how to install it. Visual and audio instructions can be triggered by pointing your tablet at the object. 

Check it out. The app is free now. It’s still a bit buggy and doesn’t work terribly great in some circumstances, but it’s only going to improve as our devices get more processing power and better cameras.