Digital Trends Top Games of E3 2018

Every year, video game publishers gather to showcase the biggest, best, and brightest games that we’ll play in the coming year and beyond. In 2018, Digital Trends saw a ton of hot new titles we’re excited to enjoy, and that we hope will change the way we see, think, and play games forever.

E3 2018 Top Games Award

From a game that helps everyone make the transition from gamer to world builder, to a controller that will open doors and make it possible for more of us to play, we were wowed by developers’ capacity and eagerness to grow the gaming community.

We also saw and played cutting-edge titles that blew our minds with visual flair and fluid gameplay. Developers brought long-awaited and rumored franchises that fans are eagerly anticipating and started to make good on promises made years before. At the same time, though, we saw a few games that took us completely by surprise.

As is always the case at E3, the show is a snapshot of what could be. Many of the games will soon find their way to your console or PC, but others were only teased, and won’t appear for some time. In either case, we saw flashes of greatness.

These are the best new games and hardware from E3 2018.