Badland: 4-person multiplayer for iOS

Get a glimpse of what the multiplayer gameplay looks like in Badland for iOS. 

Good news: the winner of last year’s “Best Project” award at Game Connection is no longer a just project — it’s coming soon to an iOS device near you. 

Badlands is rather hard to describe. It fits into a lot of different categories. It’s something of a physics-based side-scrolling action-adventure platformer with puzzle and racing elements. You play as a strange winged puffball creature, and must navigate your way through a forest riddled with increasingly difficult obstacles.

As you may have noticed, the local multiplayer mode featured in this video is all about survival of the fittest. Up to four people can race at once, and players can pull ahead by pushing each other into various deathtraps along the way — stuff like circular saws, spike pits, and gears.

Frogmind studios plans to release Badland sometime in March of 2013, but hasn’t yet announced an exact date. Stay tuned for updates.