Spontaneous San Francisco

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Spontaneous San Francisco

When you’re in the tech industry, it’s hard to go a year without a visit to San Francisco. It’s even harder to actually see San Francisco when your time is split between Moscone Center and meetings on Sand Hill Road. That’s the peril of all business trips, sure, but it’s especially painful in San Francisco, a city whose perception is dominated by the tech scene but in reality boasts a culture equal to New York or Berlin.The good news is that the days of exorbitant hotels that require weeks-in-advance reservations are gone, so any business trip can be extended in a couple clicks to become a vacation.


The Best Burrito in San Francisco

Asking about the best burrito in San Francisco is a surefire way to inflame a few passions and start a few fights. FiveThirtyEight’s survey of 67,391 burrito establishments across the U.S. found La Taqueria to be in the top four, so that’s likely a good place to go if you just want to say you’ve eaten the best, but where’s the fun in that? San Franciscans debate the factors of the best burrito: the quality of ingredients, the ratio of meat to filling, whether or not the tortilla touches a griddle, or even the actual girth of the whole wrap. The best way to hold your own in a San Francisco burrito brawl is to have tried them all.

Potrero Galleries

As much as San Francisco is known for its tech scene, it was an art city first. That means the city is home to plenty of museums, such as the De Young Museum—the city’s oldest—and the famed San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. But if you’ve ever been to Chelsea or Brooklyn in New York, you’ll know that in a city that takes its art seriously the best works are often found in local galleries.

Art is like burritos: taste is key. Check out several of the city’s small, local galleries for a look at what’s happening in the art world now. For the highest concentration, try the 49 Geary Street or Potrero Hill east of the Mission District for something a little more hip. If you see something you really like, unlike at a museum, these artworks are usually for sale.

Check out the excellent SF Arts Guide app for more guidance.


Chinatown in San Francisco is home the largest Chinese population outside of Asia, and is a storied part of the city’s history. Today, it retains its people’s identity and traditions in a way that only the most cosmopolitan cities can.

Late Night Food and Drinks in San Francisco

Sure, it’s not a location, but Tablehopper’s app is necessary for a short stay. Unlike New York, San Francisco is a city that sleeps. If you’re trying to pack a full vacation into 48 hours or so, you’re trying to make the most of your hours. Late-Night Eats will help you find restaurants and bars open past 11pm, so this is your best bet if you’re looking to get to know the city more intimately than the average local. If you just need one recommendation, head straight to Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar in the Fairmont Hotel.