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Enhancing clinical practice with the edYOU and ASCP collaboration


Imagine a classroom where AI tutors tailor lessons to each student’s needs — this is already a reality in primary and secondary education. Thanks to a program developed by edYOU, students can now augment their academic experiences through personalized learning plans. These students have 24/7, round-the-clock access to edYOU’s study buddies, who act as teaching assistants and are available to help students study after school hours. Beyond early education, edYOU is active in business development and training sectors as well as higher education, including graduate school, making it a versatile addition to any industry.

In a strategic partnership, edYOU has joined with the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology to introduce new technology that offers continuing medical education (CME) credits to ASCP members. Although still a young company, edYOU boasts a well-established and reputable machine learning system created by Dr. Michael Everest, a leading voice in AI tech and innovation. Everest also founded and leads Residents Medical, a company dedicated to placing medical school graduates in residencies and fellowships across the United States.

ASCP Doctors have already been selected to spearhead this new tech implementation; “Dr. Joseph F. Goldberg and Dr. Matthew Macaluso will be among those using the ‘Safe Face of AI’ from edYOU Technologies to open up academic opportunities for the ASCP community,” Everest told attendees at the annual ASCP conference in Miami on May 29. “With our patented edYOU AI beings, you will engage in conversation, reason through concepts, and deepen your understanding. I am excited, and my whole team is honored to be of service to such a distinguished organization.”

Education is a primary focus of ASCP, which already offers a robust psychopharmacology curriculum for psychiatry residency training. The curriculum, now in its 10th edition, has become widely used in the United States and internationally. The edYOU x ASCP collaboration marks a significant step toward the continued development of innovative and engaging tools for the continuing education of ASCP members.

edYOU has received fast-track patents for developing this innovative AI. Everest explains that edYOU’s AI application offers highly personalized education, training, and life coaching tailored specifically to each user’s learning needs at all educational levels. Everest and his team have specifically curated online modules for the ASCP community, featuring classes, lectures, tests, and modules featuring AI teaching assistants.

“As we continue to develop and grow this technology, we strive to make learning more interactive and accessible to everyone, no matter where they are,” Dr. Everest said. “The platform provides a unique one-on-one interaction experience, where users can have real-time conversations with our AI tutors, bridging the gap between students and education like never before.”

A key focus of edYOU’s tech learning platform is the AI beings, who can act as teaching assistants and “study buddies” to users at every academic level. The advanced “AI beings,” as Everest pens it, are not programmed to respond to questions with specific responses but instead are equipped with the capabilities to hold real-time, personal conversations with students.

“It’s a robust support system at your fingertips any time, any day,” said Everest to the conference attendees.

In a video presented at the ASCP conference, Everest introduced AI wellness friend Hannah.

“I’m Hannah, the face of edYOU, passionate about redefining learning and wellness to help you, members of the ASCP, empower yourselves,” Hannah said. “I’m not just a tool to relay information. Instead, let’s chat in real time to answer your questions without judgment or discussion to further your understanding of concepts.”

Everest dubs Hannah “the safe face of AI” as his patented technology safeguards students of all ages from misinformation and protects both its users’ and company’s data from breaches.

“Through our cutting-edge technology, like our patented intelligent curation engine and proprietary ingestion engine, we provide transparency in protecting your data,” Everest told the conference. “We also keep conversations relevant and appropriate for serving the academic integrity of the ASCP.”

At the intersection of Residents Medical and edYOU, Everest uses technology, compassion, and artificial intelligence to help diverse groups of people learn, grow, and pursue their passions. Collaborating with the ASCP and its membership is just another step toward edYOU’s ultimate mission. “With edYOU, it’s all about sharing knowledge, learning, and growing together without the pressure of social expectations or biases,” Everest explains. “This nurturing environment fosters confidence, allowing individuals to build their skills and self-assurance at their own pace. Such a supportive and inclusive platform can be incredibly empowering and help people thrive in a world where acceptance and understanding are sometimes hard to come by.”

Dr. Everest frequently demonstrates that edYOU is a leading and influential player in the education industry. Dr. Everest earned a doctor of education degree from Liberty University and has more than 15 years of experience leading and developing innovative education businesses and solutions that create global impact. He was inspired by his father, Dr. Edwin Everest, a medical doctor, to work in education and medicine. After Dr. Edwin Everest died in 2008, the family created a nonprofit in his memory. Dr. Michael Everest credits his father with spurring him to help as many people as possible.

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