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Kaadas launches groundbreaking SuperShield Intelligent Security System with 32 patents

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In the tapestry of today’s tech-enhanced homes, where every device weaves into another, the Kaadas Legend Master Series emerges as a beacon of safeguarding grace. Crafted with the ingenuity of seasoned pioneers, this masterpiece doesn’t merely adapt to the realm of home security — it redefines it. With its SuperShield Intelligent Security System cradling a treasure trove of 32 patents, the series stands as both a product and a testament to innovation.

As our living spaces evolve into pulsating, innovative ecosystems, robust security measures have transcended from a mere luxury to a fundamental pillar of home management. With its seamless ability to blend with various smart home technologies, this series isn’t just about protecting four walls and a roof — it’s about crafting sanctuaries where peace of mind and advanced functionality dance in harmony. Dive into how the Kaadas Legend Master Series connects and enhances the symphony of your smart home life, offering a fortress of comfort in the ever-connected world.

The foundation of Smart Home Integration: SuperShield Intelligent Security System

At the heart of the Kaadas Legend Master Series lies the groundbreaking SuperShield Intelligent Security System. Designed with the assistance of Silicon Valley experts, this system incorporates six major security modules — lock body, unlocking, information, monitoring, operation, and defense — into a cohesive unit. Integrating these modules with the KeenOS operating system provides an intuitive user experience and elevates the lock’s operational security. This system ensures that the Kaadas Legend Master Series can intelligently interact with other smart home devices, enabling automated responses and synchronized actions that bolster your home’s safety and efficiency.

Enhancing connectivity with high-end smart home platforms

Integration with major smart home platforms is a critical feature of the Kaadas Legend Master Series. Whether it’s Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, this smart lock series ensures you can manage your home security through your preferred technology platform. This compatibility allows for voice commands and remote management, providing convenience and control at your fingertips. For instance, these integrations are all made possible by setting up automated routines, such as locking all doors at night or integrating with security systems to trigger alarms in case of unauthorized access.

Revolutionary features: From aviation-grade radar to AI-enhanced security

A standout feature of the Kaadas Legend Master Series is its incorporation of a 24GHz aviation-grade radar, which offers unmatched accuracy and enhances the smart lock’s ability to interact with other security features in your home. This radar supports advanced functions like AI motion detection and human recognition, seamlessly integrating with home surveillance systems to provide real-time alerts and activity tracking. Additionally, the AI lock viewer offers 24-hour monitoring, ensuring home security is covered and controlled from a central smart home hub.

Longevity and reliability: Powering smart integration

The endurance of a smart home device is crucial for its integration into a larger ecosystem. The Kaadas Legend Master Series addresses this with its robust 13,400mAh lithium battery. This high-capacity battery ensures that the lock remains operational for seven to nine months without a recharge, surpassing industry standards. The long battery life minimizes maintenance and ensures the lock can continue communicating with other smart home devices, providing uninterrupted security and functionality.

User-centric design and interaction: The ultimate smart home experience

The Kaadas Legend Master Series is about security and enhancing the user experience through intelligent integration. It features a 4.7-inch large touchscreen with a high-resolution display, offering users easy access and control. This interface allows real-time notifications and video communication, integrating with other smart home devices for a cohesive and interactive experience. Whether remote unlocking via smartwatch or receiving security alerts on your smartphone, the series brings interactivity essential for a modern smart home.


The Kaadas Legend Master Series is a testament to what smart locks can and should be in a modern home. With its advanced security features, robust integration capabilities, and user-focused design, it not only secures your home but also enhances the smart home experience. By seamlessly integrating with your home’s ecosystem, the Kaadas Legend Master Series transcends traditional security measures, offering a sophisticated, interconnected, and accessible system that meets the demands of today’s tech-savvy homeowners. Investing in such a system protects your premises and elevates the convenience and quality of your daily life.

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