Build a Better Man Cave


A “Man Cave” is a room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a household.

The NBA Playoffs are upon us and if you plan on obtaining your baller status and making sure you’re the go-to-guy during playoff season, you need to ensure your man cave is equipped with the best man-tech you can find.

Let’s get the most important element of your baller man cave out of the way first. The TV. You can try to have everyone huddle around your 32” screen dripping guacamole on your carpet just to see the replay of that questionable call or the buzzerbeater that wins it all; but don’t expect to have the guys over for anymore games after that.

Let’s be real. For your man cave TV, don’t go with anything smaller than 55″. We recommend the 75” LG Super UHD TV mounted on the wall so that all of your guests have optimal viewing. With HDR technology that enhances colour and detail to a cinematic level, you won’t miss out on the fine tuned nuances of that Steph Curry no look alley oop for the win.

But we can’t stop there, along with your baller TV, you’re going to need a few other must haves:

You’re going to want some man cave candles. Yes candles! Hear me out, baller status starts as soon your guests walk in the room. Greet them with the scent of musk, coffee, or tobacco and there will be no mistaking this is a space for all things manly. Keep it simple and consistent. Maybe 2 – 3 candles, of the same scent, depending on the size of your room. You don’t want to over do it and have your room smelling like that kid in high school who bathed in cologne after practice instead of showering.

Almost as important as the TV, the speakers will take your man cave to a whole other level. No man cave is complete without a kick ass sound system. Not just for watching the game but also for some down time musical entertainment while playing a friendly game of beer pong, pool or your own battle of hoops. Nobody wants to listen to their game time playlist on your small bluetooth speaker that you take on camping trips.

Whiskey stones. This isn’t necessarily revolutionary technology, having been around since beginning of scotch drinking, when drinkers would grab stones from the rivers to cool their beverages. When your team wins and you bring out the finest bottle of scotch you own to celebrate, do not make the rookie mistake of diluting it with ice cubes. Go with whiskey stones to keep your beverages perfectly chilled without compromising the taste and quality.

Speaking of cool beverages, you’re going to need a kegerator! One of the main reasons for having a man cave is so that you have all of the game watching essentials within reach, meaning you don’t have to go to the kitchen to grab a cold beer.

Lastly, you need to make sure you have downtime entertainment. Whether you and your buddies like to play pool or ping pong or beer pong; make sure you have an adequate and manly way to entertain your guests during halftime or in between games! If you’re not into table games and want to shoot hoops with you boys during commercial breaks, having a two person indoor basketball game is the way to go.

So, you’ve got your sick 4K UHD LG TV, your awesome sound system, your drinks and downtime entertainment … Let the playoffs begin!