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Tradiv, a weed startup, is raising $1M with the help of a ‘cannabis accelerator’

marijuana startup tradiv raises 1 million tikun olam plant
If the tech bubble of Silicon Valley pops, have no fear — the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in places like Boulder, Colorado, and other states where marijuana has been legalized. Take, for example, Tradiv, the startup connecting growers and sellers that is in the midst of raising a $1 million investment round, thanks to the Cannabis accelerator (who knew those existed, right?) CanopyBoulder and partner Micah Tapman. Thus far, they’re 65 percent of the way to their goal, having raised $650,000 in total. So if you’d like to get in early on the B2B marijuana industry, here’s your chance.

According to the Tradiv website, the startup is “redefining the cannabis industries B2B ecosystem through innovative technology that helps streamline and simplify canna-business.” By helping growers “brand, market, and sell” their product more efficiently, Tradiv works as much for the producer as it does for the consumer, marrying “business-to-consumer usability with business-to-business functionality.” With services like an “armored car cash pickup at your door via an a la cart service” and their “proprietary escrow system ensures payments are safe from when the order is placed until it is delivered,” Tradiv really is leveraging all the technology and security of the 21st century in bringing weed to the masses.

While the Tradiv beta is closed, the company promises to be launching a commercial system “soon,” and if you want to get started, it’s outlined all the steps already. It begins with professional photography, and Tradiv will “bring in professional photography equipment and use props we find right around your shop to help create a brand image you agree with.” Next, Tradiv will work with your business to “upload your entire inventory with the high-resolution shots,” and also “help customize the product attributes for your products to maximize the marketing opportunities on the marketplace.” And of course, no business is complete without great customer service, so Tradiv promises to be around to answer any questions and provide comprehensive training so you know exactly how to sell your cannabis.

With technology, we can sell anything.

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