MeUndies wants your underwear to be bold, just like its new brand ambassador

It’s been five years since MeUndies first decided to start selling unmentionables on the internet — and today the company is getting mentioned more than ever before. Proving that online shopping isn’t just for household appliances or shoes or cat food, MeUndies is taking ecommerce where it’s never been before — your derriere.

The idea behind MeUndies was simple. Buying underwear was surprisingly difficult given how basic of a necessity these undergarments are. As Jonathon Shokrian told Forbes last year, “Before launching MeUndies, I was working in commercial real estate and traveling a lot. I didn’t have enough underwear for a trip I was going on so I went to the department store to pick up a few pairs, but the whole shopping experience was uncomfortable and inconvenient.”

After realizing he was buying underwear that was simultaneously expensive and uncomfortable, Shokrian decided to do something about it. And MeUndies was born.

And now, MeUndies has enlisted the help of Eddie Huang — restauranteur, chef, food personality, and author of “Fresh off the Boat” — to help spread its message. On March 22, MeUndies is launching a brand new Pandamonium collaboration with Huang that seeks to celebrate self-identity.

“Eddie couldn’t align better with MeUndies’ brand values,” the company (whose core values include being bold, making mistakes, and resisting conformity) told Digital Trends. “With this collaboration, MeUndies is hoping to echo Eddie’s stance on self-acceptance and embracing the difference in others.”

As MeUndies grows (it’s on track to sell an impressive five million units this year), it will look more to brand ambassadors who embody the company spirit of comfort, not only with your underwear, but with yourself, too. And while Huang may not seem like a natural choice as an underwear model, it’s exactly this element of surprise and subversion that MeUndies wants to capitalize on. “[Eddie] is always looking to shake things up, change people’s perceptions, and maybe make a few people laugh along the way,” MeUndies noted. And yes, your underwear should do that, too.

You can order MeUndies one at a time, in convenience packs, or even subscribe to the service. So stop going to the store for your underwear. Just take to your computer instead.