Best BlackBerry Apps

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facebook_iconFacebook (Free)

Given the cornea-blistering appearance of most MySpace pages, it doesn’t really surprise us that Facebook transitions to the BlackBerry much more readily. And this smartly designed little app doesn’t hurt, either. Besides making it easy to drain hours reading the pointless minutiae of other peoples’ lives, it integrates into your BlackBerry calendar, contacts and messages, making it possible to do things like set someone’s Facebook picture as their contact photo in the phone – automatically.


ubertwitter_iconUberTwitter (Free)

Meet the ultimate Twitter client for BlackBerry. Not only can you send out the infamous 140-character messages to the world, you can upload photos and videos, update your Google Talk status simultaneously, include your current location through Twitter geotagging, see other Twitter users nearby, and dabble with a host of other advanced features.


easybartender_iconEasyBartender ($3.99)

Even if you can pour a shot from five feet and ignite a row of Flaming Doctor Peppers with a single plume of blazing Bacardi 151, we still doubt you have the bartending chops to remember all 9,000 drinks indexed in EasyBartender. Besides acting as a bartender’s cheat sheet when you can’t quite remember the ingredients or proportions in a single drink, you can enter the liquors with the My Bar feature, then discover new drinks by browsing the cocktails you can create with only what you have on hand.


best blackberry apps bigtincan buzzme icon BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium ($4.99)

Much like its predecessor on this list – Color ID – BuzzMe lets you assign different ringtones and LED colors to different callers and e-mail contacts. But that’s just splashing around on the surface on the almost frightfully deep pool of features BuzzMe offers. You can set how long your phone vibrates, set it to buzz at the same time it rings (something BlackBerrys curiously don’t offer by default), and even tie it into apps like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with third-party plug-ins.

best blackberry apps bigtincan buzzme 1

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