Best DSLR Accessories


Every gadget needs its accessories—even a more serious one like a powerful DSLR camera. If you’re looking for some cool and useful accessories to enhance your DSLR camera, then we have some great suggestions for you…

LCD Protector

lcd-protectorWith all high-tech gadgets and gear it is important to keep the screen—whether LCD or not—clean and protected.  On a DSLR camera, it is essential to keep the LCD screen protected. Regardless of make or model, there should be one or two LCD protectors to adequately adhere to your camera’s LCD screen. Usually the manufacturer of your camera will also distribute LCD protectors that suite your DSLR model, but if not there are always other alternatives. Companies like Hoodman and GGS make great—and affordable—LCD screen protectors. You can usually snag one of these from or for as low as $4.99.


proline-tripodA tripod is a digital SLR essential. Most photo blur is caused by human error—shaky hands make a shaky camera. When looking for the appropriate tripod, or monopod if you prefer, for your DSLR camera make sure you get one that is lightweight, has extendable and retractable legs, has a solid build (metal framed preferred), and can be used on a variety of surfaces. There are two types of tripod heads: the ball head and the pan/tilt head. The ball head is usually more expensive but the “ball” aspect gives the more flexibility and a smoother rotation. The pan/tilt head is less expensive than the ball and does exactly what it sounds like—pans and tilts.

The Proline Dolica AX620B100 tripod is a great lightweight and sturdy option that can be found for very reasonable prices online.

Padded Neck Strap

This is a simple and practical accessory that could make lifestyle as a DSLR photographer a lot more comfortable. High-end camera manufacturers like Sony, Nikon, Canon and Pentax tend to produce their own neck straps that are readily available for decent prices on and other eTailers. This is another accessory that must be chosen by you to suit your needs and comfort—it adds a personal touch to the camera.

Power: Battery Grip, Rechargeable Batteries & Replacement Batteries

If you want to take your DSLR to a wedding or on a trip then you’ll probably want to snap frame after frame, meaning you’re probably going to want a battery grip. A battery grip is a worthwhile investment, especially for someone seriously trying to get into photography, because these additional compartments make it easier to take portraits photos, hold the camera vertically, and keep your camera well charged. Larger, more expensive DSLRs may have a vertical grip with a second shutter release and additional controls built in, while smaller cameras have separate vertical grips with an extra or larger battery. Battery grips can be expensive depending on the type of camera you have and the grip features you need. Some grips are priced at $50, while others are nearing $400.

canon_BG-E3_Battery_gripIt is also good to have a rechargeable or replacement battery with you. It may be best for both rechargeable and replacement batteries to come from the same distributor as the camera. If your Canon EOS 40D comes with a rechargeable battery, then it might be worthwhile to order an extra battery from Canon as well. The camera that you choose should determine the batteries that you use.

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