Best Netbooks: Top 10 Mini PCs Reviewed

With prices around $400, everyone can afford a netbook these days. But how do you go about finding one when top manufacturers like HP, Dell, and Asus all seem to make a dozen different models? Here are hand-picked top 10 best netbooks, and just what sets them apart from the pack.

HP Mini 311, $400

An Nvidia Ion graphics chip gives the Mini 311 more perk than competitors, including the ability to handle 1080p video and games.


Asus Eee 1008HA Seashell, $430

A sleek seashell-inspired design makes the 1008HA one of the slimmest and slickest netbooks on the market today. Read our review here.


Lenovo S12, $600

Lenovo’s best entry into the netbook market includes an attractive premium design, large 12-inch screen and Nvidia’s perky Ion graphics chipset.

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