DT Deals: Kubi robotic tablet stand makes video chats more realistic

Kubi robot tablet stand

We love video chatting technologies here at Digital Trends – we use Skype on the daily to conference between our New York and Portland offices. The problem with video chats is how flat everything feels. Unless you shift the tablet, smartphone, or television around, you can only get one view of the other person’s location. That’s not always helpful when you’re chatting with a room full of people like we often do between our editorial staff members.

The Kubi tablet stand aims to change all that. The robotic stand allows you to remotely turn the tablet 300 degrees at 90 degree angles so your telepresence feels that much more realistic. The Kubi, an Indiegogo project, works with any Bluetooth-enabled device and can fit tablets between 7.9 to 10.6 inches. Today’s DT Deals lets you pre-order the Kubi for just $260. We’ve knocked off $56 off retail price of $315 so you can be one of the first to try out this (literally) revolutionary accessory. Kubi promises a delivery date of July 2013, so it won’t be a long wait until the item arrives.