DT Deals: Learn how to make a product demo video without going broke

video-camera-lensIt’s pretty likely that two out of five stories under the Cool Tech section might contain a Kickstarter project. It’s not our fault the people have spoken on their creativity! If you’re someone who wants to start your own crowdfunding project, it’s important to not just come up with an original idea, but use great advertising. What better way to grab the attention of our easily-distracted Internet friends than to produce an eye-catching demo video?

Sounds hard, but with today’s deal for a digital class, you’d be on you way to professional level videography in no time. Instructor Miguel Hernandez even has a testimonial from a certain That 70s Show actor. “These might be my favorite instructional videos ever,” said Ashton Kutcher. And we all know Kutcher’s pretty active in this whole Internet startup business now that he’s added venture capitalist to his many titles.

Anywhere else, you’d have to fork up $297 for the course. Not at Digital Trends – we’re giving you access to the class for just $79. Who doesn’t like saving 73 percent off retail? Go ahead, dream up your next big thing. Send us a video when you’re done and it might end up on our site.