DT Deals: OmniPage Ultimate converts any file into something editable

DT Deals omnipage ultimate

By a show of hands, how many people have Googled “How to edit a PDF” or “How to convert scanned paper into a Word doc”? Well, I can’t actually see you, but I’m pretty sure you’ve run into this problem before. Instead of wasting time downloading weird softwares, just use OmniPage Ultimate. This program is designed to convert any document into something you can edit – from images to text and PDFs to HTML. You can even take pictures with your iPhone and have OmniPage convert the texts in that image.

Of course, it’s not Ultimate without more than just the ability to convert documents. The software recognizes up to 120 languages, store documents onto your cloud drive of choice, and process large volumes of files without crashing your computer. An incredible software like OmniPage Ultimate retails for a pretty price of $500 – but today, we’re offering it to you for just $99. That’s 80 percent off the retail value, and goodbye to ever consulting Google for such a common issue. Sorry Mac users, this software’s PC only.