DT Deals: Stealthy, spy-like iPhone case without the 007 price tag

DT Deal Krome CargoCase iphone

Mobile payments may be the next big trend, but for those who still prefer bringing physical plastics and cash, here’s an iPhone case made just for you. The Krome CargoCase comes with a hidden storage compartment for your valuables, enough to fit several cards, a wad of money, or even a USB stick. Protection-wise, it’s also built with durable polycarbonate shell with an aircraft aluminum hinge for the best defense against drops and scratches. Because the cover flips open, you can also use it as a stand to watch YouTube videos or take selfies. Go ahead, we’re not judging. After all, it does come complete with a mirror.

Today’s DT Deal offers you this iPhone case for just $29 – a 27 percent saving off the retail value of $40. It’s available in both the iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5 versions.