DT Deals: The PowerBar (not the edible kind!) keeps your smartphones charged

PowerBar DT Deals

We see gadgets come and go everyday in this business but one thing remains an issue: Battery. Seems like no matter how great an item boasts its battery life, that feature is just never enough for the average user. It’s not the manufacturer’s fault entirely; We can’t help but Facebook, tweet, Instagram, and text all day. That’s why you should hold onto one of these portable battery to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Today’s DT Deals for the PowerBar helps you recharge your smart device on to go. The port comes with Micro USB, Mini USB, and iPhone plugs to match whatever item you need to juice up. The PowerBar retails for $70 (this one, anyway, edible ones are way cheaper) but we’re offering it 44 percent off at just $40. That includes shipping within the continental U.S, and you can pick between black, silver, blue, and red PowerBars. However, if you’re also feeling physically out of strength, maybe you should get a PowerBar the snack to match.