DT Deals: This weekend only! Mac Essentials bundle rocks your Mac’s world

DT Deals mac essentials

Just bought a new Mac? Owned it for a while and still haven’t gotten around to getting all the necessary apps? It seems you must have missed our previous Mac apps bundles. That’s okay though, because we’re bringing this kickass of a deal back for you, dear readers. Today’s DT Deals offers nine awesome Mac apps to cover nearly everything you want to accomplish on a computer. Instagram-esque photo editor tool for the desktop? CameraBag 2’s got you covered. Corrupted files slowing down your computer? Hit up TechTool Pro 6 and a quick and painless diagnosis.

Altogether, these apps cost $310 to buy individually. Today, you can own them all for $50. That’s an 83 percent saving off retail value, and you’ll get full customer service and updates as if you’d bought them full priced.