DT Deals: ‘Total War: Rome II’ pre-order for $15 off


If you’re anticipating the release of Total War: Rome II, be glad to know that you can get it on the day of the release, and enjoy an extra $15 off. Today’s DT Deals lets you pre-order the epic battle game ahead of its September 3 release so that you can digitally download it off Steam when it becomes available.

In case you’re not familiar, Total War: Rome II is a war strategy game that will excite those who love tactic battle games. Of course, as the title says, the game takes place in Rome and is set in a medieval period where you’ll have to watch your back against betrayers, and choose to either protect the Republic or rule as Emperor. All the fun of a live-action Game of Thrones minus the dragons, basically. Pre-order today for just $45 instead of the usual $60 – a saving of 25 percent! The game’s compatible with PCs running Windows XP and up.