DT Deals: Trainz Simulator 12 lets you live out your childhood dreams

dt deals trainz simulator 12

For every kind of job you wish you had but never succeeded in getting, there’s a weird simulator game for it. Seriously – we’ve seen anything from Farm Simulator (if you wanna ride tractors all day on dirt roads), Flight Simulator (for the pilots in you), and of course, sillier games like Roller Coaster or Mall Tycoons. Today’s DT Deals is for those who’ve always wanted to be a train conductor or build railroads around the world. Trainz Simulator 12 lets you design your own route, track, and train types so you can virtually pretend to live out your childhood dreams. It might be a silly one, but for $15, who says you can’t buy happiness?

Well, I guess you can’t if you’re a Mac user. Sorry guys, Trainz Simulator 12 is only compatible with PCs running Windows XP and later.