DT Deals: Who needs wires when you can get a Bluetooth keyboard?

DT Deals Urge Basics ultra slim keyboard bluetooth

As much as we like our tablets, phablets, or whatever creations companies are drawing up these days, we must admit: Typing on a touchscreen is hardly as accurate as a physical QWERTY keyboard. Also, autocorrect just ruins lives. Forget all that. Today’s DT Deals offers the ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard so you can forget about typos and dirty touchscreens and type the way it was originally intended.

Bluetooth keyboards can go anywhere from $40 to $100, but today’s deal slashes 68 percent off an Urge Basics model so you can own yours for just $22. The keyboard runs on AAA batteries, and connect to any mobile device with Bluetooth 2.0. Battery life is estimated to last at least 80 hours, so as long as you don’t leave the machine running all night, this should go for quite a while. And if it doesn’t, AAA batteries cost way less than that sandwich you just ate for lunch. Get your Bluetooth keyboard today while supplies last!