Holiday gift guide for new parents

Holiday gift guide for new parents
2012 Holiday Gift Guide

If anyone needs a helping hand from the world of technology and gadgetry, it’s new parents. And while no product is going to keep a newborn from waking them every two hours with it’s unending need to feed, there are nevertheless a wide range of products that actually can make their lives easier. So, if you have friends or family expecting or slogging through the first few months of parenthood, read on. We have some gift ideas that will make you a hero … 

BabyPing Monitor for iOS, $250

BabyPing webcam baby monitoring iOS systemGone are the days of speaker-phone baby monitors. Now, parents can keep watch on their little one in full color video right on an iPad or iPhone – regardless of whether they’re in the room next door or at work. The BabyPing Monitor does more than improve a parent’s ability to assess how their baby is sleeping; it can actually help alleviate some of the stress parents feel when their maternity or paternity leave ends and they’re dealing with separation anxiety. BabyPing can connect your home network’s WiFi so the stream is always live as long as the connection is up and running. With night vision mode, full audio recording, and a 640×480 resolution video, new parents can also show their friends how cute their baby is in real-time.

Philips AVENT Electric Steam Sterilizer, $60

holiday gift guide for new parents philips avent sterilizerAt early stages of development, a baby’s immune system is at its most vulnerable. Help new parents ensure they are using the most sterile products by gifting the Philips AVENT steam sterilizer to clean up any baby product. The 3-in-1 system can adjust to clean baby bottles, breast pumps, plastic spoons, and sippy cups in just six minutes while eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria from the feeding items. After the quick steam bath, the baby products are guaranteed sterile for 24 hours if you keep the lid closed. The Philips AVENT also includes an automatic shut off mode if working parents leave the machine running before heading to work.

Storks Personalized Wall Art, $250

holiday gift guide for new parents stork personalized wall artDecorating a baby’s room can be a daunting task for busy parents. Give them a helping hand by gifting a personalized wall art with the classic stork, complete with the newborn’s name and birth date to commemorate his or her arrival. Designed by Chicago-based artist Alexander Doll, the whimsical print plays on an art-deco style photo and typography, adding a timeless touch to the baby’s room. And even when the baby grows up, the art will always add a nostalgic smile to the day the child was born. Besides, what’s better than a personalized gift?

4moms Origami Stroller, $850

4moms origamiThe 4moms Origami stroller takes baby gadgetry to a whole new level. It also has an unbelievable wow factor sure to catch the eyes of other new parents on the street. We’ve tested it, we’ve approved: With just one button, the 4moms Origami can shape-shift from folded state to fully-operational so you can keep one arm holding the baby while the other sets up the stroller. The Origami also comes with an LCD screen to track walking speed and distance travelled, which turns all those strolls into post-natal workouts. It has tons of storage compartments built into its sleek overall design to hold bottles, magazines, diaper bags, and toys. Essentially, the Origami is a spaceship for babies, and who doesn’t want their kid to ride on a super cool vehicle?

Beating Heart Pillow, $42

holiday gift guide for new parents beating heart pillowsIt’s a fact that humans enjoy rhythmic beats and pulses; it probably has something to do with the sounds we’re surrounded by while still in development in the womb. The Beating Heart pillow recreates that sensation for a calm, relaxing rest or even as a meditation aid. Mom and dad can also share the pillow with their child if the baby wants something to hold on to that resemble their parents’ beating hearts.

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker, $110

holiday gift guide for new parents beaba babycook food makerCooking  no longer applies to just mom and dad. Now that there’s a baby in the picture, why add onto the expense of buying pre-made baby food when you can mash up your own? The Beaba Babycook food maker helps new parents pick and choose any healthy ingredients and heat, mash, blend, and steam to prepare freshly-made meals for the little one. The mixer bowl is also dishwasher-safe so parents can drop it right in the machine after use for a no fuss cleanup. Beaba Babycook machine is ideal for those with limited space, as the device features a two-cup capacity bowl and stands at a dimension of 11 by 5.5 by 8-inch.

Boon Flo Water Deflector, $14

holiday gift guide for new parents boon flo water deflectorBath time can be a bonding experience between the parent and the baby. Once the newborn is big enough to go from sink to bathtub, help parents save water with the Boon Flor Water Deflector to target the water stream right at the baby instead of filling the tub up. The deflector also attaches to your faucet seamlessly to transform an ordinary pipe into a gentle waterfall. It even comes with a bubble bath dispenser so the soap is all in one place, and the deflector is made of soft rubber so kids won’t hurt themselves if they lean on it. 

Cloth Diaper Delivery Service, Price Varies

holiday gift guide for new parents cloth diapersDiapers are expensive, and new parents have to decide between the convenience of disposable diapers or the more environmentally friendly option of cloth. Cloth diapers create an irrefutable challenge when it comes to cleaning them in a timely manner. Give new parents the luxury of a diaper service that comes to collect used diapers and deliver fresh new ones so they don’t have to spend extra money on single-use diapers.

These services vary in price by region, but most average to about $25 a week. Considering how a newborn can go through dozens of diapers daily, help new parents invest in the service that could save them money in the long run.

Spa Day Gift Card, Price Varies

holiday gift guide for new parents spaParenting is tough work, so sometimes the best gift is simply a day off to relax and get away from it all – if only for a few hours? Find a local spa in your area, look for a package you think the parents will appreciate, and get them a gift certificate so they can set their own appointments. If you’re free, offer to babysit for a few hours while they’re off getting a well-deserved treatment. We know a lot of people would enjoy spa gift cards, but parents really do need ’em the most. They’ll love you forever for it.