The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: Top Pay-As-You-Go Cellular Phone Services Compared

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This Sprint-owned prepaid carrier aims for an urban demographic with its reasonably stylish phones and city-centric coverage maps (though with prices of up to $300 for a flip phone, you’re laying out a nice wad of cash for the bling.) Like Net10, it offers 10-cent-per minute blocks of airtime, but the real attraction is the $50 per month unlimited talk, text, mobile Web and walkie-talkie plan. “You can slap a $50 bill down on the counter every month, and that’s your bill,” says Joseph Pawlikowski, a senior editor at Just beware that it works on the somewhat esoteric iDEN network that Sprint acquired with its purchase of Nextel, and not the more widespread CDMA network that contract Sprint users are on.

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