The Best Windows Mobile Smartphones


Not impressed by all the whiz-bang features in Apple’s iPhone, Palm’s Pre, or any of the dozens of phones now running Google Android? Hey, not everybody drives a Mercedes, and not everybody needs a phone that can augment its camera view with ratings for surrounding restaurants in real time. For folks who like to get things done, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system still cuts it, and more recently, manufacturers have been going to wild extremes to make it look and behave like something different entirely. Here are five of the best Windows Mobile smartphones on the market today.

HTC-HD2HTC HD2Available on T-Mobile in March, $TBA

The only Windows Mobile device to cause a stir in quite a while does it with specs that make just about every other phone on the market look puny: a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and a 5-megapixel camera are among the highlights. HTC’s Sense interface also makes it look and feel unlike almost any other Windows Mobile device – in a good way. At the moment, few would dispute that this is the operating system’s shining jewel.

HTC-SnapHTC Snap$50 on Sprint with two-year contract

Jealous of BlackBerry’s tried-and-true form factor, but fonder of Windows Mobile? We have your phone. The HTC Snap might pass for a BlackBerry at first glance, but it’s all Windows Mobile under the hood. Don’t call it a knock-off – HTC has outfitted this thing with a first-class keyboard and wrapped it in such high build quality it gives RIM a run for its money.

HTC-Touch-Pro2HTC Touch Pro2$270 on T-Mobile with two-year contract

For the novelist on the go – or just ham-fisted users who demand huge keyboards, HTC’s Touch Pro2 offers one about as large as they come. The screen also tilts away from the base at an angle, for a more comfortable view while typing. Just remember that the luxurious keyboard also makes it one of the heaviest phones out there – and the priciest, too.

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Samsung-Omnia-II Samsung Omnia II$200 on Verizon with two-year contract

Love OLEDs? So do we, which makes Samsung’s vibrant OLED-equipped Omnia II quite a gem. The 3.7-inch WVGA screen really sizzles with color, and Samsung’s 3D TouchWiz 2.0 interface helps to spice up the standard Windows Mobile experience.

Samsung-Propel-Pro Samsung Propel Pro$100 on AT&T with two-year contract

The mirror polish on the Propel Pro might make it mistaken for Don Draper’s cigarette case in poor light, but make no mistake, there’s a phone in there. Slide it apart, and you’ll find a full QWERTY keyboard, too, making it an ace messenger fit for the board room, and a reasonable price, too.

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