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Unimog fire engine that served in the French Alps is available in the U.S.

File this under interesting one-off vehicles you could own. A 1987 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Doka U1300L with under 28,000 miles didn’t sell in an online auction, according to the listing on Bring A Trailer.

“Doka” refers to the double-cab model, although in the vehicle in question there are two jump seats you can’t stretch out in. This Unimog spent most of its service life as a fire engine in the French Alps, according to the listing. Now it has a clean Massachusetts title with full paperwork including maintenance records.

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The odometer reads 44,915 kilometers or about 27,908 miles. A 5.6-liter diesel six-cylinder motor has had recent service by the seller. The truck bed is 102 inches long and 91 inches wide.

You’ll have to provide your own fire hose and the secondary 1.4-liter Renault engine for the water pump needs a tune-up. All maintenance needs are disclosed and detailed in the listing, which is still online at Bring a Trailer.

The seller changed all fluids and filters and replaced portal axle oil. The clutch master cylinder has a leak and the seller noted there’s some sediment in the fuel tank. A new fuel tank is included in the sale. Generally, however, the Unimog appears good to go.

The front fenders, which the seller says are bolt-on, have some rust-through and there are some dings and bends on the right front bumper and the right fuel tank and step. The interior has brown cloth upholstery in front and black vinyl jump seats in the back.

The online auction ended March 30, 2017. The high bid of $24,000 didn’t meet the reserve so it wasn’t sold. The seller replied to comments on the listing.

If you’ve always wanted your own fire truck or a Unimog for rugged back-country service, this double-cab truck might be just what you’ve been looking for. There are loads of photos on the original listing.

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