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2014 Lexus IS coupe rumored to draw from LFCC concept, plug-in hybrid a possibility

Lexus LF-CC Concept

When we saw the LF-CC Lexus coupe concept in Paris last year, we hoped the Japanese luxury brand wasn’t just yanking our chains. With such undeniable good looks, we had no choice but to drop to our knees and pray that the coupe be moved from concept to production.

While not exactly what we’d hoped (and prayed for), word has come that Lexus is planning an IS coupe for 2014, which should draw its bodylines heavily from the LF-CC coupe.

Well, that’s the conservative reporting at least. We’re hoping the bodylines are less “inspired-by” and more “taken-from.”

According to What Car, the IS coupe should be offered with the same hybrid drivetrain currently offered in the IS sedan as well as an IS-F V8-powered high-performance model. Unfortunately, a diesel version does not appear to be in the works.

Beyond the foregone diesel, Lexus is pondering a plug-in hybrid version as well but is a bit hesitant, as the Prius Plug-in hasn’t sold so well. Comparing the two – to us – is rather ludicrous. Just because one half-assed economy plug-in doesn’t outsell the greatly superior Chevy Volt doesn’t mean your gorgeous luxury coupe plug-in won’t sell.

Needless to say, we’re quite excited about the IS coupe in all its powertrain iterations. However, we were worried Lexus had given up on the sports coupe idea and are tickled to see it return.

Now if we can just get Lexus to update its infotainment system, too, then we’ll be set.

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