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Can’t afford a BMW M4? This (virtual) safety car version is free in Gran Turismo 6

If you can’t afford a 2015 BMW M4 of your own, this might be the next best thing.

At the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, BMW announced that the M Performance M4 Safety Car will make its digital debut in Gran Turismo 6 this month as a free update.

The car itself was on display at SEMA as a showcase for BMW M Performance parts that will be sold through the carmaker’s North American dealers.

BMW deployed an M4 as the safety car for Moto GP this season, but this particular car isn’t attached to any specific race series. Its primary mission seems to be getting attention at BMW’s SEMA both.

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The Safety Car was treated to a 3M vinyl wrap in the BMW motorsport tricolor, along with grille-mounted LED flashers and a roof-mounted LED light bar.

It’s also equipped with a selection of the M Performance parts BMW is hocking, including carbon fiber front and side splitters, carbon fiber mirror caps, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser made of, you guessed it, carbon fiber. It’s also got blacked-out trim and a titanium exhaust system.

While you can’t drive the M4 Safety Car in real life, you can have many of those parts. They’re available for most BMW models at selected dealerships nationwide.

You can also download the virtual Safety Car and park it in your virtual garage next to the BMW Vision Gran Turismo concept, the German carmaker’s contribution to the series of concepts created specifically for the game.

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