2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat may be limited to 1,200 units

From its 707-horsepower supercharged HEMI V8 to its 11.2-second quarter-mile time, everything about the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is shocking.

Including, potentially, the number of Hellcats Dodge will set loose on America’s unsuspecting roads.

That number will be just 1,200 cars, according to a new report from Edmunds.

That came from an anonymous source within the carmaker, although Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis denied its validity, saying the amount of Hellcats to be sold hasn’t been determined.

Dodge has 2,400 U.S. dealers, so if it really only builds 1,200 Hellcats, there will only be enough for one out of two.

That would certainly cement the Hellcat’s status as a collectible (as if it needed any help) and – let’s face it – society is probably better off with fewer of these monsters on the road.

An extremely limited, one-time production run would also keep the Hellcat from poaching sales from Dodge’s other low-volume performance car, the Viper.

While the two cars have very different personalities and missions, the Challenger has nostalgia going for it, and it overpowers the super sports car to the tune of 67 hp. Viper sales haven’t been too energetic since the current model launched, either.

Even if Dodge plans to sell more Hellcats, they’ll likely only be available at certain dealers. The carmaker hasn’t figured which dealers will get the honor, but will reportedly make a decision sometime in the next few weeks.

So fi you fancy a Hellcat, write out a check for $60,990 (base price), and start bugging your dealer now.