Ford Releases special ’50 Year’ Anniversary Edition of Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been around for fifty years; that’s longer than people have been on the moon. Heck, it’s nearly as long as people have been in space. And for this important birthday Ford has decided to celebrate with a special edition … well if they insist.

Based on the already special all-new 2015 Mustang, Ford will be building just 1,964 of the limited “50 year” edition. But I am sure, by now, you are champing at the bit to know what is actually included in special edition. For starters, it is loaded down with styling cues from the original. The car will only be available in Wimbeldon White, the same color as the very first Mustang sold, and Kona Blue. Both classic, and both available only on the limited edition.

Otherwise, the outside gets some neat touches, like discrete chrome mascara around the headlights, wing mirrors and tail lamps. You also get some callouts to the 1965 fastback like louvered rear windows, and the handsome – if fake – rear bumper gas cap.

On the inside its mostly badges, specifically “50 Year” badges on the instrument panel and dash. You do get, special two tone cashmere and leather seats, not to mention cashmere stitching and suede binding that will be unique to these 1,964 cars though.

Unfortunately, the car doesn’t feature any special performance upgrades. Underneath the car will, in essence be the 5.0-liter 420 plus horsepower GT version. It may not be unique, but it should be more than enough to haul those badges around.

The limited edition will go on sale this fall. But, if you want one, you should get in touch with Ford now, because they are likely to go quickly. 

Ultimately, special editions like this may be a bit silly. But fifty years of the Mustang is a hugely important marker for the automotive world. This car has captured more hearts than just about any other performance car, partly because of its amazing looks and unquestioned cool. So it’s only fitting that Ford decided to celebrate in style.