2015 Nissan GT-R due for updates, will likely continue to embarrass spendier rivals

Nissan GT-RNissan has announced that the Nissan GT-R will get a number of updates for the 2015 model including a new seven-speed transmission – changes expected to raise the clout of the speedsters cult reputation even more.

With several major fetes already under its belt – like outperforming supercars nearly triple its price in a novel 11-car drag race – the new modifications are sure to make the GT-R an even more highly coveted piece of high-performance machinery.

Since its highly anticipated debut in 2007, the car has racked up a record on nearly every major performance chart including a win at the iconic Nürburgring and two lap records at Road Atlanta – to name just a few.

According to GT Channel, the new 2015 GT-R is expected to get a number of new design elements, but most of the changes will entail changing the current six-speed transmission to a seven-speed gearbox for quicker acceleration and cutting down the car’s  0-6o time from the current 2.8 seconds.

From a standstill, inside sources say the new model will probably hit 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, knocking off 0.1 sec. from its current 0-60 time, reports the GT Channel. 

In addition to the new transmission, the 2015 GT-R is expected to get new brakes, new tires and a tweaked suspension — and likely a lot more records under its belt.  Stay tuned.