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China’s Youxia Motors previews Hyundai Genesis Coupe-based limited-edition EV

A relatively unknown Chinese company named Youxia Motors has published the first official images of a new, all-electric coupe dubbed, quite simply, One.

Interestingly, the Youxia One rides on a heavily-modified Hyundai Genesis Coupe platform. There are very few visual links between the One and the Genesis, and Youxia’s upcoming coupe adopts a specific front end design that’s characterized by angular LED headlights and a wide twin-slat radiator grille.

The side of the One is fitted with Aston Martin-like vents, and pictures of the rear end have not been published yet. Similarly, interior pictures are not currently available but website CarNewsChina has learned the One will ship with a Tesla-inspired tablet-like touch screen.

What’s even more intriguing is that the One’s drivetrain is made up of motors and batteries that can be purchased by anyone on Taobao, a popular website that can best be described as the Chinese version of Amazon. Official technical details are few and far between, but Youxia promises that the One will be able to reach 62 mph from a stop in five seconds flat, go on to a top speed of 186 mph, and drive for over 150 miles on a single charge.

The Youxia One will be presented as a concept at a private event that will be held on July 25. The show car will be toned down a little bit for production, and the model is scheduled to go on sale in its home country in approximately a year. Just five examples of the Youxia One will be built in Shanghai, China.

When the concept is presented, Youxia will kick off a crowd-funding campaign in a bid to raise the $3 million yuan (nearly $483,000) that it needs to build the first five cars. Once production has been completed, the ambitious company will reach out to investors in order to raise the $10 million additional yuan (about $1.6 million) that it needs to develop its own platform from the ground up.

Whether Youxia can keep its promises is up in the air but, if all goes according to plan, the company could make a fair bid to become China’s Tesla.

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