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Shelby celebrates the Super Snake’s 50th year with a 750-horsepower Mustang GT

Shelby built the first Ford Mustang-based Super Snake 50 years ago. The renown tuner from Las Vegas is celebrating the occasion by launching a limited-edition model appropriately named 50th Anniversary Super Snake.

The Super Snake started life as a regular-production, V8-powered Ford Mustang GT. Working closely with Ford Performance, Shelby managed to crank the engine’s output up to 670 horsepower, a generous 235-horse increase over the stock GT. Buyers can choose between a manual and an automatic transmission.

If that’s not enough grunt, Shelby offers an optional upgrade package that brings a bigger supercharger that bumps the eight-cylinder’s output up to 750 horsepower. The bundle also includes an extreme cooling package, Ford Performance half-shafts, and one-piece driveshaft. Properly equipped, the commemorative Super Snake hits 60 mph from a stop in 3.5 seconds, and it performs the quarter-mile sprint in 10.9 seconds.

The Shelby treatment isn’t limited to the engine bay. Visually, the Super Snake receives a specific front bumper with air ducts and a splitter, a new grille with mesh inserts, a revised hood, a Shelby-designed spoiler on the trunk lid, and an air diffuser integrated into the rear bumper. The coupe is available in all Ford factory colors.

The interior is kitted out with anniversary logos on the seats and floor mats, special door sill plates, and a new-look instrument cluster with Autometer wireless gauges. A metal plaque on the dash engraved with the car’s serial number reminds passengers that they’re not riding in a run-of-the-mill ‘Stang.

Shelby will build just 500 examples of the 50th Anniversary Super Snake. Pricing starts at $69,995, a figure that includes the cost of the donor vehicle but not the miscellaneous taxes and fees. The list of options includes the aforementioned 750-hp upgrade package, a short-throw shifter, racing stripes, Katzkin leather upholstery, and a four-point roll bar.

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