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With a roof and comfier seats, the Slingshot Grand Touring LE goes the distance

Like their two-wheel riding counterparts, three-wheeled vehicle owners like to personalize and accessorize their rides. On Thursday, February 1, Polaris introduced the 2018 Slingshot Grand Touring LE, a factory custom loaded with the company’s premier tech, comfort, and style options.

No one buys a Slingshot to stay hidden. The opposite is usually the case. Polaris targets the aggressively styled “autocycle” for people who want to be noticed. It’s also a fun ride, especially in the top trim, the SLR LE with Bilstein performance shocks. Prior to the full 2018 model lineup launch, we had a chance to test drive the new Slingshots in the winding Malibu Hills last summer. All Slingshot models are fun, the Bilstein-shock equipped SLR LE model especially (all trims can be upgraded).

You don’t see too many Slingshots on road. When sighted on the highway people commonly think, “Batmobile!” Even though stock, regular edition Slingshots are attention-getters, anyone who wants to push the attention meter further could do much worse than snapping up a Limited Edition Grand Touring LE, starting price $30,000.

The list of factory options on the Grand Touring LE starts with the Slingshade roof, with a gull-wing top section on each side to facilitate entry and egress. The roof may extend your driving with its protection from sun, rain, and birds — but the main attraction is how cool it looks.

Ride Command gives turn-by-turn navigation with a high-resolution multi-touch, glove-friendly display.

The Slingshot Quilted Comfort Seats impress with their style and apparent supportive comfort. We haven’t tried them so we can’t speak definitively about their functional qualities, but they look great. The Slingshot’s Ride Command infotainment system is an additional premium option included as standard equipment with this limited edition. Ride Command gives turn-by-turn navigation with a high-resolution multi-touch, glove-friendly display.

To finish off the look, the Grand Touring LE also includes a color-matched rear fender, Matte Cloud Gray and Indy Red paint finish, and a Limited Edition Graphics package.

The Bilstein performance shock option we appreciated so much in our press drives isn’t part of the standard package for the Grand Touring LE, but adding extra handling prowess to the already sporty Slingshot isn’t its purpose. Note, however, that you can add the Bilsteins later if you wish as a dealer-installed upgrade ($1,800 for parts plus labor costs).

Introducing the 2018 Slingshot Grand Touring LE - Polaris Slingshot

The Grand Touring LE is a fully loaded limited-edition model for the driver looking for the latest and greatest in technology, rider comfort, and premium styling,” Slingshot Marketing Manager Rachael Elia said. “The Grand Touring LE is the perfect offering whether looking to escape town for the weekend or turn heads while cruising Main Street.”

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