3,000-HP Bentley Continental GT drag racer heads to the track

Bentley is emphasizing the performance of its Continental GT with a new sports-car racing campaign, but there’s one form of motorsport it hasn’t considered: drag racing.

A heavily-modified Continental GT will make its drag-racing debut soon at the Santa Pod Raceway in Podington, England, according to World Car Fans.

However, this Bentley won’t be packing the twin-turbocharged W12 or V8 engines found in stock Continental GT models. Instead, it’s got a twin-turbocharged, 10.2-liter Chevrolet-based V8 that reportedly produces 3,000 horsepower.

Yes, this is a Bentley with around three times power of a Bugatti Veyron. Even with the Continental’s considerable girth, this outrageous machine should get down the track nicely.

In fact, the car is expected to do the quarter mile in approximately seven seconds, and reach a top speed of over 200 mph.

The Bentley was modified by an English watch repairman, who built it over eight months at a cost of around 250,000 British pounds, or around $421,625 at current exchange rates. Whether that includes the original cost of the car is not specified.

It may seem wacky to pair one of the automotive industry’s most elite brands with one of its most low-brow sports, but it does make a degree of sense.

When it comes to performance, Bentley has always emphasized power over agility, so it seems like its cars would be more comfortable driving in a straight line than carving corners.

Still, don’t expect the Bentley factory team to trade the FIA for the NHRA any time soon.

(Media courtesy of Webster Race Engineering)