Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept: A sleek little concept that dares to dream

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept: A sleek little concept that dares to dream

Concept cars can be a cruel mistress sometimes. On one hand, they’re like magic crystal balls providing a window into the future – teasing and illustrating what could come to pass — while on the other they often disappoint — failing to make the transition from dream to development. But that isn’t always the case; in fact the Alfa Romeo 12 C GTS concept is the product of designer Ugur Sahin who happens to have some experience with making his automotive visions a reality. Last year Sahin managed to get his highly modified Corvette Z03 made by partnering up with Mallett Cars.

But while the fate of his newest creation remains uncertain, it won’t prevent us from ogling over all its visually qualities in the mean time.

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS profile

Virtually everything about the Alfa Romeo 12C GTS is seductive, beginning with its windswept design and alluring curvature. The iconic Alfa Romeo grille proudly occupies center stage between the sharp and flowing lines of the 12C GTS’ hood providing maximum visual impact. The concept Alfa’s roof is draped heavily in glass with a striking honeycomb pattern that lends the car even greater visual fidelity. The rear of Alfa Romeo 12C GTs features a sporty array of angled exhaust pipes arranged two to each side and flanking the sloping centered arch.

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS honeycomb roof

Sahin hasn’t divulged any theoretical drivetrain or engineering details for the 12C GTS — and even if he had it really wouldn’t matter given the car’s concept status, at least for now. Turns out Sahin and his design firm are trying their best to transform the 12C GTS into something meant for the open road and not just a sketchpad. At the moment he is seeking investors in order to produce the car in limited numbers, so we’ll definitely be keeping our fingers crossed for this one.