Watch as Brits race stock Mustangs and Rolls-Royces … with no safety equipment

amateur race involves mustang convertible rolls royce safety equipment 70s amatuer

One of the strangest sights you will see in racing a Mini up against a Roller

Remember the days when you could mail order dynamite and children’s toys were more dangerous than your average knife? I actually don’t, but videos like this make me think all of those tales are true. What this video depicts is average joes out racing their stock Minis, Mustangs, and Escorts on a track with no roll cages, no training, and only a few helmets … and one very out of place Rolls-Royce.

So just what the hell is going on here? Apparently, in 1975, some British race organizers thought it would be fun to have amateur drivers go out and race against the clock in their humdrum cars, as an opening act to the full-fledged racing. That was all well and good, but apparently no one died in a horrible fiery accident, so they had to think of something more extreme.

So, insane race organizers gathered together the winners of all of the timed races from the season and put them up against one another on the track. The ensuing eight minutes and 20 laps are some of the scariest, most ridiculous, and most compelling racing you will ever see.

Where else would you see a long haired piker in a Mustang take on four different Minis while trying to avoid a crashed Chevy? I am pretty sure the answer to my question is: nowhere.

I will just go ahead and give the spoiler that no one dies. But honestly, I am not sure how that is possible. One driver even reverses back out into the other racers after spinning off.

If you can figure how exactly no one died in this race, please share in the comments.