In true New Yorker fashion, truck driver ‘didn’t see nothing’, as he crushed Ferrari FF

anyone want ferrari ff doorstop new york truck driver just crushed one

They say New York is the city that never sleeps but maybe this truck driver should have caught a nap.

Are you having a bad day? Well buck up because two people in New York had a worse one.

A delivery driver managed to back into – and then over – $300,000 Ferrari FF. Apparently, the FF’s sleek sexy Italian lines worked against it, as NBC reports that the truck driver “didn’t see nothing.”

Good news is that delivery company’s insurance provider probably won’t miss the repair bill because its going to cover several pages. Fortunately, no one was injured but the owner and car lovers everywhere are likely to need years of therapy to get over the horrific image of a Ferrari FF doorstop. 

From the looks of it, not only is the bodywork smashed beyond recognition but the front suspension is crushed.

That would be bad on any car. Unfortunately, bad doesn’t even begin to cover it on the FF. This Ferrari has a four-wheel drive system by Rube Goldberg. What do I mean? It has an extra transmission going to the front! Yeah! My guess is that the extra gearbox doesn’t react well to truck bumpers. Call it an educated guess.

Apparently a paid driver was helming the FF when it was hit by the land equivalent of an iceberg. I don’t know if it would be worse to sit in your precious baby as it is slowly crushed like its in the garbage compactor on the Death Star or to be the employee with visions of being disemboweled by an enraged employer.

Still, though, at least it looks like even a crushed Ferrari is worth its weight in dollar coins. Because someone just sold a totaled Dino for $250,000. I am guessing that Donald Trump would probably pay at least that to have this bad-boy gold plated and mounted on a plinth. 

(Main photo credit: NBC)