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Aston Martin engineering VP moves to Tesla Motors

Tesla Model S

Rumors were traveling at light speed through the Internet’s series of tubes this week about the VP of Engineering for Aston Martin, Chris Porritt, jumping ship and moving to Tesla Motors.

Now Tesla – by way of Green Car Reports – has confirmed the move.

This is a big move for Tesla for it didn’t just acquire a great engineer; it got one of the most innovative in the luxury performance market.

In 2009, Porritt lead the engineering charge on the Aston Martin One-77 supercar.

Interestingly, however, this isn’t the first time an Aston man has moved over to Tesla. The infamous Henrik Fisker (co-founder of now defunct Fisker Automotive) help Tesla design what would later become the current Model S.

Before that Fisker had worked at Aston as a designer. Most notably, it was Fisker who penned the V8 Vantage before starting his own eco-friendly luxury sedan company.

It took us a while to believe in the longevity of Tesla but its Model S has shown us it just might have staying – and profit-making – power. Now with the addition of Porritt to the team, Tesla’s future looks that much more promising.

It won’t be a few years before we see Porritt’s influence on any future Tesla projects but the result will surely be stunning.

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