Aston Martin mulls selling its Lagonda super sedan outside the Middle East

After months of teases and previews, Aston Martin unveiled its Lagonda super sedan to the public in Dubai earlier this week.

It now carries the name Taraf – a derivative of the Arabic word for luxury, and an indication that Aston views Lagonda as a separate brand, not a model.

An Arabic name is appropriate, because Aston previously said it would only sell the Lagonda Taraf in the Middle East. Now, though, it seems to be changing its mind.

Britain’s CAR magazine reports that Aston is considering selling the car in other markets as well. It cites newly-minted CEO Andy Palmer, who said the company is “evaluating the opportunity to offer this Lagonda in other markets.”

Not surprisingly, worldwide reaction to the ultra-luxurious Lagonda was pretty strong, leading Aston to mull selling it elsewhere. That doesn’t automatically mean it will be offered in the United States though.

Republican complaints about taxes and “job creation” aside, there are plenty of wealthy potential buyers in the U.S. However, crash testing and emissions-certifying a car for sale here is a complicated process, one Aston may not feel is worthwhile for such a low-volume model.

Aston hasn’t said how many Lagonda Tarafs it plans to build, but the car is only available by invitation, so don’t expect more than a handful to make it into the world.

Those buyers lucky enough to receive an invitation will get a V12 engine and the VH architecture used by all of Aston’s current models, but with a spacious-luxurious interior meant to rival the best from Rolls-Royce and company.