Audi axes hypercar plans, focuses on something more pressing (and less exciting)

Audi hypercar rendering

Late last year, we excitedly brought you a story about the Audi R20 hypercar – also called the R18 and the Scorpion. Based upon Audi’s Le Mans racecars, the production hypercar would set a new standard for hypercars from an everyday automaker, taking on the likes of Ferrari, McLaren, and Koenigsegg.

We were very excited about this prospect. Not because we thought it’d change the world much but because we’re supercar dorks and a 550-horsepower Audi hypercar would have just been flippin’ neat.

Now we’ve learned that Audi has axed the program, according to Car&Driver. The German automaker has instead decided to focus on other more pressing projects. What other projects? Probably something hybrid-y, which will most likely be extremely cool in its own right. But not as cool as the Scorpion.

Audi fans will instead just have to wait for the Frankfurt Auto Show when Audi is expected to release the much more reasonably priced, relatively speaking, new-gen Quattro.

Would we rather a Quattro over the Scorpion? Yes. Do we wish Audi had done both? Also, yes.